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Download the PDF – Huizi Qin PR

Print One X Huizi Qin

Luxury Designer Huizi Qin’s ORIENTAL DREAM to launch in a limited collection exclusively on Print One.

Huizi Qin’s work marks the first time Print One has launched a theme-specific collection from an artist. Based in Paris, Qin has designed for Jean Paul Gaultier, Mary Katrantzou and Maxime Simoens.

Qin’s own label, Zis Les Champs, produces an exclusive range of high end scarves and handbags.

The ORIENTAL DREAM collection offers a visual experience seldom seen in the fashion world. Inspired by the work of Frank Ghery, Georgia O’Keeffe, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Gio Ponti; the collection is an homage to these contemporary artists, while remaining totally fresh and unique.

“Print One is an excellent platform to showcase versatile talents from all over the world. As a print designer looking for new horizon, I found that it is exactly what I’m looking for ORIENTAL DREAMS” said Huizi.

“Huizi’s avant garde art oozes luxury” shared Creative Director Daniel Bernardi. “We are incredibly proud to present this mini-collection of unique designs exclusively on Print One.”

Qin’s five piece collection will be available for purchase online from September.

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Download the PDF – Gawthorpe Hall Press Release

Gawthorpe Hall x Print One



In an industry first, Print One’s next partnership will see the digitlisation and sale of Gawthorpe Hall’s legendary Textile Collection.

Print One’s latest collaboration publishes the renowned Gawthorpe Hall’s incredible textile archives to the public for the first time. The first collection to be released is of vintage African designs from the estate in Burnley.

The Gawthorpe textile collection was founded in the early 1910s by Miss Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth (1886- 1967). Miss Rachel was a maker, a teacher, a collector and an activist; and the last family member to live at Gawthorpe Hall.

Miss Rachel was a forerunner in the development of art therapy and firmly believed it aided wellbeing. She opened her home to the local community and taught from there. She started amassing textiles to help develop her teaching of textile craft techniques.

The collection was hugely expanded through donations from her far reaching networks and friendships. Her value system was different from that of many others and her model of collecting and sharing was highly personal.

The collection today is one of the most interesting specialist textile collections in the UK and is known to textile specialists worldwide. Pieces range from the highly functional to the finest decorative or ceremonial pieces. Spanning five centuries, covering a broad range of techniques and originating from across the globe, this collection speaks as much about cultural, social and personal histories as it does about textile craft.

However, as valuable and rare these artefacts are, the Gawthorpe Hall Charity wholeheartedly believe the powerful ethos of Miss Rachel is as important as the collection she created. She believed in opening up learning opportunities for all, engaging with the local community and democratising craft and textile art for individual wellbeing and fulfilment. She was much ahead of her time in her intuitive and assured knowledge that creativity and craft unlocked health, social and economic prospects for those in the community most in need. She also sought to keep alive traditional textiles techniques and skills which she feared were dying out with each and every generation, striving to find new relevance for them in her time.

Today the Charity continues the work Miss Rachel started. The collaboration with Print One is a further example of working with contemporary makers and conducting deeper research into the collection and the stories it holds.

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Download the PDF – Barry Daniels Press Release

Barry Daniels Studio x Print One



Internationally renowned textile design archive published on Print One.

Barry Daniels (1931-2010) attended Slade School of Fine Arts in the 1950s and first made his name as an Abstract Expressionist painter before co-founding Danad Design, with the aim of democratising art by creating furniture adorned with their work.

Following the creation of Danad and the establishment of Marden Hill as a communal creative home, Daniels began hand painting textile designs in the late 1960s.

The Barry Daniels Studio archive was created and curated by Daniels himself into the 1980s.

As well as selling his own artworks he became an agent for many of the best young designers from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, selling globally but focusing on New York and London.

Following his passing in 2010, thousands of original designs were discovered during the sale of Marden Hill. Ros Weaver and Daniels’ son Mark reoponed the archive in 2014, curating the largely unexplored collection for the first time.

The next exciting chapter in the archive’s journey will see these unique hand painted designs digitalised and uploaded to Print One, with the exclusive rights to each artwork available for purchase from July 2018.

Ros Weaver, curator of the archive, said: “It’s exciting to collaborate with Print One, bringing the amazing freehand skills of artists from the past into the forefront of the digital revolution. It’s a move that the Danad artists would have approved. They were always keen to experiment with the latest technology – back in the early 60s it was laminates!”

Print One’s creative director, Daniel Bernardi shares her enthusiasm, adding “It is an honour to work with the Barry Daniels Studio, showcasing his original textile designs on Print One for the first time.”

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