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Inboxes are filling up, and it's becoming increasingly challenging to capture the online attention of your target audiences. Break through the noise and earn their attention with real cards.

Bastiaan Leideritz

Founder (

We are now reaching our customers in a personal and distinctive way


Postcards, with the convenience of email

Traditional Direct Mail takes a lot of time and can be quite difficult to execute. With, you skip all the manual work and automatically send personalised cards without hassle.

Gerben Bleijenburg

Director (Capital ID)

The barrier to using Direct Mail is completely eliminated.


Cheaper than a Google click

Direct Mail doesn't have to be expensive, and you don't need to send out massive quantities. Send a card for less than the cost of a click in Google Ads, without monthly expenses.

Edwin Vlieg

Founder en CEO (Moneybird)

This presents great opportunities for increasing user engagement.

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