Endless possibilities

Direct Mail Automation offers 1001 possibilities to sell, surprise, engage, reconcile, and more. Driven from your existing marketing, sales, or HR software.


Re-engage customers

Reach out to dormant customers in a surprising way. Get them moving and win their loyalty.


Congratulate relationships

Capture the hearts of your colleagues, customers, or partners. Wish them the best and strengthen relationships.


Boost up- and cross-sell

Introduce existing customers to your range. Drive upselling and increase customer value.



Provide a warm welcome to colleagues and customers. Build a sustainable relationship with care.


Softening churn

Unfortunately, saying goodbye is sometimes necessary. Ensure at least a farewell that makes them come back.


Conduct A/B tests

Test campaign messages in smaller quantities first. Choose the winner and go for maximum efficiency.


Reach your target audience

Stand out among thousands of fleeting digital messages with a tangible card and conquer hearts.


Thank relationships

Show your gratitude in an unforgettable way and deepen relationships.


Share your use case

The possibilities of Direct Mail Automation are endless. Share your idea and win a free campaign.

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